Most common gambling superstitions among players

Gambling superstitions have been around for several decades. Gamblers at online casino Singapore are from all around the world have developed a set of rituals that they believe will help in their gambling outcomes. All the gamblers have their own set of superstitions in which belief firmly. There are colours, actions and signs to be followed to attract good luck and keep bad luck away. So, here are some of the ways that players change their habit to bring good luck and bad luck.

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Good luck casino superstitions 

Different people have different superstitions that bring good luck to them while playing gambling games in mmc singapore casino and some of them are mentioned here:


  • Wearing red at the casino 


Wearing a red colour is considered good at the casino especially in Asia because the red colour is worn by the bride on the day of marriage. It is believed that red colour brings prosperity and wealth to your home and work. Lots of gamblers wear a red shirt and red shoes to bring good luck in the gambling game. 

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  • Luck charm for the gambling 


Most of the poker players bring their lucky charm for the gambling gameplay that can be something like a card protector, cap or any other favourite thing. In the casino games, your luck charm can be anything from a ring to your clothing wear that can help you to win your gambling game in an effective manner. 


  • Standing or sitting while playing the game 


There are lots of people who prefer that crossing the leg during the gameplay can bring bad luck while standing or sitting can help them to win the game. Different gambling players have different thoughts and opining on this but if you can win the game by standing up then it can be a good thing for you. 

Bad luck casino superstitions 

There are lots of bad superstitions in gambling that bring bad luck from gamblers. So, whenever you visit any land based or online casino then it is beneficial for you to consider these things in your mind:


  • Unlucky numbers 


At most of the countries all around the world, casinos have their unlucky numbers. At some casinos, 13 is considered bad luck while it is 4 in some countries. So, most of the gamblers avoid number 13 and 4 while placing the bet in their gambling gameplay. 


  • Counting money at the table 


It is one bad superstition among gamblers to count money at the table. The gamblers cannot count their chip stacks in the poker game because it is considered that it will bring bad luck in the game. 


  • Itchy hands 


In some of the European countries, if you feel itchy hands while playing the gambling games then it is believed that it can bring bad luck in your game. On the other hand, it is also believed as good luck in some of the countries. 

So, whenever you are going to play gambling games then it is important for you to have proper knowledge and information about these superstitions of the gambling games.