How To Play Online Bingo

The rules of online Victory996 Malaysia bingo are not so different from those of traditional bingo, and you just have to fill in as many boxes as possible according to the balls that come out, if you manage to complete a whole line, you will be the happy winner, quite easy, right? ? The game is over once all the balls for that game have come out.

The three elements of bingo

In every bingo game, both online and traditional, there are three elements, each of them equally necessary to carry out the game.

The hype:

In a physical bingo game, the kick drum is the one that is in charge of selecting the winning balls. However, as you can imagine in an online casino, this physical hype does not exist how the balls are chosen then are? Well, thanks to a very important element of online casinos, the RNG Random Number Generator, which is responsible for generating random numbers.

The cartons:

This is the most important element of a bingo game, and the more cards you have, the greater your opportunities to play, and this rule do not only apply to real bingo games, on the contrary, in a bingo game Online you will also need several cards to increase your chances of winning.

How is an online bingo card? The truth is not very different from that of a physical bingo, and the only difference is that these cards or cards have different modalities, as explained above, with different amounts of balls in each one. Another aspect to remember is that the space located in the center of the cardboard is left blank; that is, it is not assigned to any number.

The balls:

In general, an online bingo game has 90 balls except for Bingo 75, in which that is the number of balls for each game.

Types of online bingo

As we already mentioned, there are different types of bingo depending on the number of balls in play, and in each case, the rules vary slightly:

Bingo 30:

Also known as speed bingo, it is played with 30 balls, and the cards are organized in 3×3 boxes. If you want to win in this game, you have different options, and you can either fill the entire cardboard or form diagonal, horizontal, or vertical lines.

Bingo 75:

It has 75 balls, and the cards are 24 numbers distributed in 5×5 rows, always leaving the central space blank. In this mode, you can enjoy special prizes if you manage to complete specific figures or fill the entire cardboard.

Bingo 80:

As its name implies, this online bingo modality is played with 80 balls and 16 numbers distributed in 4×4 rows. In this case, it is not necessary to complete the cardboard to win; in fact, in this game, you can win by completing a pattern diagonally or filling two of the vertical lines.

Bingo 90:

In this type of game, the cards have nine columns and three lines; in this case, you can receive prizes if you manage to complete two lines. After this, you can continue playing and completing until you can fill the entire cardboard and get the pot.

American bingo:

For this modality, the cartons have five rows and five columns, always respecting the empty space. In this case, the fact that the numbers are located under the word bingo is added, which makes the whole experience more challenging and interesting.